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Lights Experience.

Make your home a truly unique place. Control all of your Philips Hue lights at once, turn your home into a true party club with Light DJ or get yourself a tranquility Night Sky with animated Moods using the simplest application on the market.

Lights Experience - Home screen


With the elegant UI of our app, designed for Apple iPhone & Apple iPad and created for the best user experience, you are just one touch away of making your home truly yours. Group your lights as you need, use one of our professionally tailored moods to transform your room with lights of Aurora Borealis or get yourself calmness Ocean, or show your creativity with Light DJ and get the atmosphere of a huge party right inside your living room.
iPhone - running Light DJ iPhone - running thunderstorm mood iPhone - changing color of bulb
iPad - running Light DJ iPad - running thunderstorm mood iPad - changing color of bulb
One Touch Control in action on Home screen

One Touch Control - Simplicity at its best

We created the app Lights Experience because the way you can control your Philips Hue smart bulbs can be overwhelmingly complex. That's what we wanted to change, with our broad experience in creating software. And we started with One Touch Control.

Turn the lights off? That's an easy one. Change the color of all the rooms at once? Controlling only a single room? Changing color and intensity? Yes, you can do it with one touch. That's why we call it One Touch Control.


Animated Moods - Your home reborn

Have you ever dreamt of making your home the most peaceful place to relax, your personal office to help you concentrate on important task or maybe to experience space travel in your living room? Now you can, with one click thanks to our animated Moods.

Moods are professionally made animations for different occasions right inside our app. With more than 30 premade Moods and more of them released each quarter, your possibilities are virtually endless. We guarantee you, that your living room has never been so alive before. Ever.

Sky & Weather - Sunrise, Sunny day, Sunset, Night sky, Thunderstorm, Aurora Borealis, Ice cold day
Relaxing - Candles, Fireplace, Warm, Dancing violet, Aquarium, Relaxing, Heart beat
Nature - Autumn, Flower field, Ocean, Roses, Jungle
Crazy & Energetic - Rainbow, Hallucination, Madness, Police, Fireworks, Runway
Party - Slow dance, Rock dance, Jumping, Disco sphere, Neon buzz, Dark blue
Running mood Night sky
Light DJ

Light DJ - Tomorrowland in your home

At least once in a lifetime every one of us wanted to be a DJ, the party maker. Now you have the easiest possibility ever. With Light DJ your creativity is unleashed. This awesome feature will take your house party to a level of professional clubs.

Just turn on some great music, open the Light DJ, select the (approx.) BPM and instantly give your lights tempo, colors, and valence that fits the best to your track. All with just a few taps.


Control more than one household

To conquer your home lights and get the maximum of them is one thing. But what if you want to control more than one home? Don't worry, our app is here for you.

You're not limited in the number of households created in Lights Experience, which means you can have your flat in Monaco, a house in the Bay Area or your grandparents' house in one app. Simply add a household through connection settings, click on the button on the bridge and you are set up. It's that easy. When you go to your other apartment, the app will automatically connect to your current household.

Settings connection

Connect as many bridges as you wish

Having the smoothest experience while controlling your home lights is awesome, but what if you want to control an entire skyscraper? The Lights Experience iOS app covers even that for you.

You can connect as many bridges as you want within Lights Experience in a single household. Simply add a new bridge in the connection settings and all lights connected to that bridge pop up in your Home Overview. Did someone say it's hard to turn all of the lights in the Burj Khalifa at once?

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That's Lights Experience. The simplest app you never knew you need to be the real owner of your Philips Hue home lights. Your home can be the place you've ever dreamed of right now.

We have great news for you! Our brand new iOS app Lights Experience for Philips Hue just arrived at App Store. Grab first with launch price!

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