Lights Experience

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How to turn on or off light / room / household?

We start easy. Simply touch the light, or group you want to turn on/off. You can control the whole household by using the 'Home' group. Scroll down to reveal it.

How to change brightness on light / room / household?

For setting the brightness just touch the light and move your finger. Left for decrease, right for increase. Same for controlling whole group of lights. Touch the group label and move.

How to change color on light / room / household?

Setting a color is simple as a breeze. Just touch the light and keep our finger down. In a second color palette will appear. Move and set the color. Set a color to a group of lights? Touch the palette icon in the group.

How to connect to the Philips Hue bridge?

You need to connect this application to the Philips Hue bridge.

  1. Make sure you have properly installed your Philips Hue bridge and your bridge is connected to your home wifi router.
  2. Make sure you are on the same wifi network as the Philis Hue bridge.
  3. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  4. In application open settings, connection. Tap on button "add bridge". Bridge should be visible in the list, tap it.
  5. Follow the instructions. Touch the hardware button your Philips Hue Bridge, so the app can access the bridge and make the magic happen.

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